Dallas adds LGBT protections to city constitution in landslide vote

Dallas voters overwhelmingly added nondiscrimination protections for LGBT city employees to the City Charter on Tuesday. With all 430 precincts reporting, 77 percent of voters supported adding both “sexual orientation” and “gender identity and expression” to the City Charter, with only 23 percent opposed

Pastor Worley Defender Says ‘Yes I Agree’ Gays Should Die

Yeah, this chic is really a witty mind. Hear the backwards logic of the this religious lunatic, so typical for Southern "Christians".  

Conservatives Scientifically Proven as Stupid & Racist

So how many times have you said, at a dinner party or during a political discussion, how stupid Republicans and racists are ?  Well now you have scientific proof. Researchers from Ontario, Canada’s Brock University have come to the same conclusion that most liberals have asserted...

DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Appeals Court

A federal appeals court Thursday declared that the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutionally denies federal benefits to married gay couples. According to the AP: The appeals court agreed with a lower court judge who ruled in 2010 that the law is unconstitutional because it interferes with...

Gay Is OK Says Rapper Adair Lion

You have to see this video for his song Ben. It has an incredible message for the GLBT community, one which we see far too little of. Watch it all the way through to get the full effect of his message.  Listen to the lyrics. Apparently, Adair...

Why Gay Couples Need Equal Marriage Rights

Powerful and poignant video showing gay marriage opponents why gay couples want and NEED gay marriage equality and federal recognition of gay marriage. Watch this but be prepared to cry if you have a heart. And VOTE for only those whom support gay marriage equality,...

Stephen Colbert Explains Anti-Gay Christian Views & Jesus’ Take On Gays

Check out this hilarious video in which Colbert lays down the factual law of the Bible and Jesus' take homosexuality.  

Stay and Fight!

I realized early on last night, election night, that Donald Trump was going to win the election.  My friends and family were enthused and excited until it all became clear that Hillary Clinton, although she won the popular vote, would not win enough electoral votes...

My Big Fat Legal Wedding

  My wife of three years and I are going to get married in New York next week. We have intermittently discussed going somewhere to get legally married, but have always decided that there is no point in going out of the way for it...

DC Comics’ Green Lantern Is Gay

The first major comic character to be confirmed as gay was announced. The Emerald Guardian's sexuality was rebooted along with the rest of his fictional universe as part of DC's "New 52" initiative aimed at rejuvenating their characters.