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Charlie Chaplin Musical coming to Broadway

Becoming Chaplin, A musical which chronicles the lift of Charlie Chaplin will open on Broadway in the 2012/2013 season, according to the New York Times. The stage play is written by Thomas Meehan who also wrote The Producers and Hairspray.  

Eating Seasonally

The world isn’t a supermarket. Food isn’t really available year-round and at cheap prices. Most of the world waits for apples in the fall, for fresh greens in the spring—or, at least, they used to. Globalization of food as an industry has made the...

Sara Benincasa: Agorafabulous!

A lot of people haven’t heard of Sara Benincasa.   I hadn’t heard of her until she was suggested to me as someone I would really dig.  They were right.  She reminds me of a young Kathy Griffin or an up and coming Margaret...

The 99% Occupy No Man’s Land

We are the 99%- the hand painted placards held high by masked, anonymous protestors across the globe have captured the media’s attention as the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread through major cities around the world. From its beginnings as an activist group inspired by...



Stuff Liberals Say

Check out this funny video on "Stuff Liberals Say".  

Margaret Cho Our next issue features an interview with Margaret Cho. Be sure to check out our next issue on March 6th!! Check out the video of my favorite song by Margaret, both hilarious and expertly crooned. Photo Credit: Austin Young

Moot Magazine’s April Issue is Coming Soon!

Moot Magazine's April Issue is Coming Soon! Features: Race In America Trayvon Martin Case Interracial Dating Minority Racists and of course our political content and much more! Look for our April issue soon!    

Madonna’s New Song Releases

Madonna is releasing her new album, MDNA, via Interscope Records on March 26th. Her first single, Gimme All your Luvin', releases on Friday, February 3rd.  You can see the video premiere on American Idol, tonight. The single has been all over the internet for months after...