Trayvon Martin killed by single gunshot fired from ‘intermediate range,’ autopsy shows

Florida teenager Trayvon Martin died from a single gunshot wound to the chest fired from “intermediate range,” according to an autopsy report reviewed Wednesday by NBC News.

Stephen Colbert Explains Anti-Gay Christian Views & Jesus’ Take On Gays

Check out this hilarious video in which Colbert lays down the factual law of the Bible and Jesus' take homosexuality.  

Obama “evolved” into supporting Gay Marriage Today

Today, President Obama announced his support for gay marriage. He said that after years of "struggling" to come to terms with his belief that civil-unions would be sufficient for gays and lesbians, he has not realized that true equality includes not only the same rights...

Why Gay Couples Need Equal Marriage Rights

Powerful and poignant video showing gay marriage opponents why gay couples want and NEED gay marriage equality and federal recognition of gay marriage. Watch this but be prepared to cry if you have a heart. And VOTE for only those whom support gay marriage equality,...

Gay Is OK Says Rapper Adair Lion

You have to see this video for his song Ben. It has an incredible message for the GLBT community, one which we see far too little of. Watch it all the way through to get the full effect of his message.  Listen to the lyrics. Apparently, Adair...

Occupy Radio

Click Here To Listen Occupy Portland calls in to talk about their April 15th Rally against Nuclear power at Hanford Power plant in Washington State. Occupy Radio is a production of Occupy Utica in upstate NY.  We have music for, by and about occupiers

Moot Questions – Race

Race is a volatile issue in America. See what we found average Americans think about Race today in our man on the street interviews we call, Moot Questions. Come back each month to see what people think about controversial subjects when put on the spot. Question...

Gay Bashers Hit & Tell Lesbian to “Take It Like A Man”

Julie Ward and her friends went to The Bunkhouse, a bar in Weir, Texas for drinks this past weekend. Ward recounted her incident saying that a female bartender at the bar told them that they "didn't serve their type." As Ward and her friends were...

GSA Hearing Chair Issues A Warning

GSA Hearing Chair Issues A Warning