By a vote of 34-8, the Oklahoma Senate, which is predominately Republican, easily passed the “Personhood Act”.

This bill would define life as beginning at conception which would effectively ban almost all abortions and most forms of contraception.  Even in cases of incest and rape, women would be banned from getting an abortion – there are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.

This bill applies even in cases where women have life threatening pregnancies.  Even a miscarriage that happens as a result of natural causes could cause the woman to be tried for involuntary manslaughter.  This bill is truly heinous.

Oklahoma followed the Iowa House’s bill which banned abortion, on Tuesday and the Virginia House passed a personhood bill earlier in the week. Basically, Republicans are using their faith as a weapon, as they so often do, to make women’s bodies the domain of the MEN around them!

This is scary shit people.  The country is being dominated by these religious zealots without any concern for the civil liberties of the people these laws affect.

What’s next?  Gays are ruled sub-human and mentally ill and should all be locked up?  Muslims and Jews are evil and shall be deemed enemies of the State since the “State” is now essentially a Theocracy?

WE MUST FIGHT THESE PEOPLE OR WE WILL ALL BE ENSLAVED TO THEIR HATRED AND IGNORANCE!  This is how Nazi Germany began.  Don’t let it happen here, and don’t think that it can’t.




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