The Pentagon announced just last month that it would extend to same-sex couples, the same benefits afforded to heterosexual couples.  However, here in the great state of Texas, military members have been denied by the Texas State Guard and the Texas National Guard and the Texas Air Guard when filing for benefits today.

Today when attempting to apply  for benefits, Alicia Butler, whom was married in California in 2009 to a veteran of the Iraq war, was turned away from the Texas Military Forces headquarters in Austin.  She was told that the state’s ban on gay marriage would not allow them to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples.    As a result, they suggested that Butler drive 100 miles to Fort Hood, which is under federal jurisdiction, to apply for benefits.

A spokesman of the governor’s said that the Texas Military Forces was a state agency and had to follow Texas law.

Despite the fact that thirteen other states that do not currently support or recognize gay-marriages  are accepting requests for id cards and benefits as ordered by the Pentagon.  Besides Texas, the only other state known to do this is Mississippi.

Way to go Perry.   You have perfected the art of being a complete ass.




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