Whitney Houston, an icon of pop music, is dead at 48.

The Associated Press reported today that she had died but that the location and cause of her death were unknown.

Houston was the singer to beat in the 80’s and 90’s with her multi-platinum albums and here powerful vocal ability that had a gospel edge but with a pop sensibility.

In film, Houston was also successful in films such as the The Bodyguard, Waiting to Exhale, and others.

Unfortunately, the last part of her illustrious career was marred by her drug use.  As a result her voice and her star faded and she instead became a stereotypical musician strung out on cocaine, crack, marijuana, and prescription medications.

in 2009, after years of bizarre behavior and interviews as well as exhibiting her very unfriendly and grim demeanor on Being Bobby Brown, a reality series which starred her then husband, rapper and singer Bobby Brown, she finally staged a comeback.   She did mass interviews claiming she was no longer using drugs but that she couldn’t “promise” she would never do it again as she stated in an Oprah interview.   But her once amazing voice and vitality had been ruined by her past and unfortunately the shine was gone.

Ultimately, Houston may have succumbed to her drug addiction although we do not yet know the cause of her death.




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